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Over 75 years providing quality metal detectable food handling and safety products

Australia's leading supplier of food grade metal detectable plastic food handling and safety products

The metal detectable range has been specifically designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries. By using detectable products from our wide range, food manufacturing/processing and pharmaceutical companies are demonstrating “Reasonable Precaution and Due Diligence”.

The use of detectable products supports the HACCP and BRC compliance, and many are colour coded to help manage cross contamination. Products have the ability to be detected and rejected by standard metal detection systems and are also x-ray visible. Our range of products are extremely durable and designed to handle the demands of food processing environments.

Detectable plastic and rubber products prove cost effective against similar stainless steel products. They are also lighter and often more ergonomic to use. You can save money, and perhaps the reputation of your company and your brand, by using detectable products.

Metal Detectable Products have an Australasia wide distribution network, for further information or enquiries please contact us.

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