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The use of Metal DETECTAble Products® shows that “all due diligence” is being implemented in food and pharmaceutical production areas.

Metal DETECTAble Products® can save your market leading brands by reducing the chance and incidence of foreign matter entering food and pharmaceutical products.

By implementing food safe metal detectable pens, you will be keeping ahead of your "BRC" auditor. Key requirements for being food safe are:

  • Made from shatter proof plastic

  • Minimal components, and preferably one piece molded

  • Impact / moisture resistant plastic

  • Made from metal detectable plastic

Metal DETECTAble Products® need NO new equipment Products have the ability to be detected and rejected by standard metal detection equipment and most x-ray.

Metal DETECTAble Products® mean small parts can be detected. Broken sections can be detected and rejected, although size of particles is dependent on the sensitivity of metal detection equipment used and the food stuff involved.

Metal DETECTAble Products® are cost effective, durable and easy to use and detectable plastic and rubber products prove very cost effective against stainless steel.

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