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MDP supports BRC Compliance

Metal Detectable Products launches new X-Detect Food Grade Pens to support BRC Compliance

For many years now, companies seeking accreditations such as BRC (British Retail Consortium) and HACCP have implemented metal detection machines in their production lines, to minimise the risk of foreign matter entering the food chain.

The BRC has produced a series of Best Practice Guidelines aimed at food manufacturers to provide effective advice on developing systems to meet obligations with regard to legal compliance, safety and quality criteria.

Food and beverage manufacturers must have an effective control system to prevent product contamination by foreign matter. This involves risk assessment to identify potential sources of contamination and appropriate control measures which may include the use of detection systems such as metal detection or x-ray equipment. Key features of the guideline include:

  • Identifying the requirements for foreign body detecting equipment
  • Guidance for selecting the design and positioning of equipment
  • Guidance on the effective operation of equipment
  • Testing of equipment

Food safety products like MDP Detecta-pens, supplied to industry by Wells, are food grade and made from shatter proof metal detectable plastic. The benefit of using detectable pens has been to reduce the risk of even small particles entering the food chain, should the product find its way into the ingredients or some form of blending machine.

The other key operational problem with writing implements in bakery environments is the buttery / oily surfaces the production areas create. This problem can be overcome by using a high quality retractable Detecta-pen. Where the standard Detecta-pen still writes inconsistently on the oily surface, Wells has solved this problem by offering either pressurised Detecta-pens or also a Detectable felt tipped pen option.

As companies seek to raise the bar in their food safety plans, we are seeing a greater number using the latest X-ray detection machines, manufactured by a range of leading suppliers. In response to this, Metal Detectable Products and Wells Detecta-pens are now manufactured using a new X-detect compound plastic. This plastic is now both metal detectable and of a sufficient density to be highly x-ray detectable.

For further information, please contact W R & D Wells on +61 3 9699 8999 or email sales@wrdwells.com.

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